150 E Danieldale Rd, DeSoto, TX 75115

Aerial Photography

We offer photo flights for both the R22 and R44 aircraft.

R22 $325 per hour (1/2 hour min)

R44 $675 per hour (1/2 hour min) - offers extended range, speed and cargo capabilities

Aerial Video

Texas Helicopter Experience is able to provide HD video solutions and production.

Aircraft $1745 per hour (1 hour min billed 1/10 hour increments)

Camera operator $50 per hour

Hangar Leasing (aircraft and events)

We currently have hangar space available for helicopter storage and maintenance. 

The DeSoto heliport has a 24 hour self service 100LL and Jet A terminal accessible to aircraft.

We also offer event space including tables and chairs for corporate or private events.

Call or e-mail for pricing and availability

Office Leasing

We currently have office space available within the DeSoto heliport for operators.

Call or email for pricing and availability

Texas Helicopter Experience

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Commercial Services